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I'm a professional journalist with a passion for creative content and storytelling. I work with a diverse range of clients from private equity firms to travel-inspiration sites. If you have a project you'd like help with, I'd love to hear about it!

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Prepping for the Send with Kelly Halpin | Gnarly Nutrition

At her local bakery in Jackson, Wyoming, Kelly Halpin picked out two oversized chocolate-chip cookies. You know the ones I’m talking about … those irresistible cookies that are the size of your hand, outstretched like a seastar, the ones that weigh more than you ever imagined a cookie could weigh. Half of a giant chocolate-chip cookie is packed with much needed salt, carbs, and fat—exactly what Gnarly athlete Kelly Halpin treated herself to every 25 miles on the Wind River High Route.

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Your Complete List of 40 Free Things to Do in Tokyo

Tokyo! The city you’ve always wanted to visit, and now you’re finally going. But your mom read on the internet (Facebook) that Tokyo is “expensive,” and she’s concerned about you. She suggested packing some granola bars to offset the cost of food. She’s not entirely wrong. The overwhelming sentiment is that Tokyo, and Japan on the whole, isn’t the place for travelers on a budget. Jiro’s sushi is $269 and that hotel bar from “Lost in Translation” charges $18 minimum for a cocktail. But here’s th

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Holdbreaker - Climber's Physique

With every gym session, every afternoon at the crag, every “try hard” move, and even those routes we project but never quite manage to send, we get stronger. Our muscles grow - especially those in our back, arms, shoulders, and chest. This strength gain and muscle growth is exciting and totally welcomed. All of the time spent on the wall changes our bodies for the better. We become stronger and healthier. Our climbing skills improve and routes that used to be a challenge are now a warm-up. With this progress comes stronger grip, and an understanding that our hands are never going to be soft again, but forever calloused. Years of climbing or even months will change our bodies and in turn, change the way clothes fit.

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9 Tips For A Great Family Vacation

Family vacations go down in history. They’re the bread and butter of every family’s repertoire of laugh-so-hard-you’re-crying stories. They’re the photos that get transferred to canvas and mounted above the fireplace in the living room. They’re the stories of mishaps or epicly amazing days that get talked about at every birthday and holiday celebration. They’re lasting memories of bonding experiences. Sometimes the vacation-bonding memories might be that time we sat on the side of the road with

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Best Rock Climbing Shoes for Women Reviewed: Beginner to Advanced

I had used up all of the punches on my pass to the climbing gym. I had overcome my initial paralyzing fear of falling from higher than six feet up on the wall. I felt the rush of accomplishment as I left the gym having climbed better than the time before and the time before that. I knew it was time to invest in my own pair of shoes instead of using the rental, but I was posed with the question of how to find the best rock climbing shoes for women.

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How to Fall in Love with Iceland in Total Darkness

On December 22, Reykjavik will see just four hours of daylight from when the sun rises at 11:23am and sets at 3:30pm. During the daylight hours, the sun will rise to a max high of 3-degrees on the horizon, barely peeking out. If you think that visiting Iceland in winter sounds totally crazy, think again! Not only will fewer tourists be buzzing around, but it affords a unique perspective of how Iceland copes with life in the dark.